Who are we?

Welcome to Contempa


We don’t believe when decorating your home you should have to choose between quality & cost, or modern design & comfort. A great deal of thought goes into selecting every piece we offer you to ensure what we provide is aesthetically appealing & manufactured to our exacting standards.


We never compromise on quality, service or design. Your living space is unique & we feel your furniture should be too. We’re here to help you every step of the way to complete your room from selecting fabric, size & comfort. 


So, what’s in the secret sauce? Our supply chain is direct from the makers with generations of experience to craft your unique designs. By carefully editing our inventory levels, we ensure we only make what we need, reducing our footprint.


We are obsessed with quality & in order to offer our pieces to you as affordably as possible we handle everything ourselves, in house. This is the reason we don’t have to make the choice between luxury & cost. Entrusting our experience & service to do the talking whilst offering a boutique online solution to furniture shopping. Intelligent style to stand the test of time. 


Malcolm & Karina McGregor


Fabric samples, delivered to you 

Found a colour that takes your fancy? See, touch and feel it for yourself. For free! Simply select up to 8 fabrics and add them to your cart. Delivery is on us.